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Sergio Cortes The Health Secretary visits Xerem.

Sergio Cortes, the Brazilian state health secretary, visited Xerem, Duque de Caxias on Sunday morning to get first-hand information and survey areas which had been affected by floods that week and also find out which areas and shelters were receiving the affected population. The state government had on Sunday the 15th setup a Dengue Hydration facility at a health center in Xerem, which had 12 chairs and a capacity to offer service to 300 people a day.

Sergio Cortes said that the government was taking steps to curb the disease and that they were hoping for the best. The Dengue Hydration Center had been setup by the state Health Department primarily to support Xerem Municipality tackle the enormous amount of garbage that lay in the city which according to Cortes increased the chances of Spreading of the dengue mosquito.

When Sergio Cortes came out of a meeting with Camillo Junqueira the municipal health secretary and National Health Force Conception Mendonca coordinator, they both agreed that the state should supply the municipal with another calamity kit Caxias, with an additional 3000 antibiotic tablets that could help in early prevention of leptospirosis.

The measures that the state health department was taking in collaboration with the Epidemiological Surveillance teams since Thursday last week was aimed at preventing the spread of disease whose known contagion was through contaminated water. The contaminated water brought about diseases such as Hepatitis A, diarrhea and leptospirosis. Other known diseases that were found to be among a bunch of people included meningitis, and chicken pox. Dengue only came about after the municipality experienced rainfall.

Although the first seven sample batches collected by the Health Surveillance Secretariat were considered unsatisfactory by the Central Laboratory Noel Nutels. The teams have decided to disinfect the municipal water on a daily basis. The Department of health has also been on the frontline in recommending daily disinfection of Xerem water to everybody living in Xerem. To this effect, the state government has been able to deliver 10000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to Caxias.

The government recommendation is that Xerem Municipal Populace to ensure that they use bottled water for drinking and cooking. Sergio Cortes also assured the general populace that the shelters will be distributing the sodium hypochlorite and asked anybody that was making donations to this shelters in Xerem to include bottled water in their donations. Exame reported that Sergio Cortes also ensured that the region had set up a situation room that would be monitoring all health action in the regions