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Waiakea Water: Better Water For The 21st Century

We are living in some of the most modern of times. Society is full of innovative technologies, and these technologies are worth their weight in gold. In most cases, some of the best things tend to come from basic things or come from things that are perceived to be basic. Most people don’t seem to think twice about the earth’s physical landscape. In addition to that, most people don’t seem to think much about water? Water is probably the most valuable substance on earth, but all water is not created equal. Tap water is fairly free of charge, but in most cases, tap water isn’t the purest form of drinking water. There has been constant news stories about polluted drinking water over the years, and this water has reaped havoc on people’s health.

Have you ever heard of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water? Well, if you haven’t heard about this phenomenal brand, then you’re not alone. Not only is Waiakea a best-seller, it’s great tasting. This specific brand of water goes through a rigorous purification process. This purification process happens from the inside of a volcano. Waiakea is a Hawaiian-based brand of bottled water, and it has retained many of its native heritage. The name, Waiakea, means “broad waters.” Thanks to having good amounts of rainfall and thanks to having a ton of snowmelt, the water travels through 14,000 feet of porous-volcanic rock. This volcanic rock provides some of the best purification methods on earth, and it doesn’t strip the water of its healthy components.

These healthy components include minerals and electrolytes. At its finest moment, Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water is constantly in an alkaline state. Waiakea’s pH-level rests at an astounding 8.8 while many of its competitors’ pH-levels rest at around a seven. Anything below a seven is dangerously acidic in nature. All in all, you should have a better understanding of how special this water truly is, but who knows what this brand will venture into next.