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Traveling Vineyard – Financial Independence On Your Own Terms

Upon a first glance, a job with Traveling Vineyard as a Wine Guide may sound too good to be true, but with a proven track record and a relaxing atmosphere, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Since 2001, Traveling Vineyard has brought the fun and fulfilling experience of tasting new wines to people around the nation. Traveling Vineyard is one company that’s worth more than a first glance.

Fun & Profitable

The basic idea of employment as one of Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides is that you find family members as well as friends who are able to host wine tasting events inside their homes. Any guests invited to the events can sample different types of wines, both red and white varieties, as well as sparkling wines. The atmosphere of these events is intended to be relaxed and fun, with the final goal of allowing the guests to purchase any of the wines that they enjoyed, and earning the Wine Guide a commission for each bottle of wine that’s sold.

There are many upsides to taking on a gig as a Wine Guide. Besides the obvious benefits of sampling and sharing high-quality wines, the financial benefits are significant. An exception to the majority of direct sales organizations, Traveling Vineyard has no sales requirements for its employees and allows Wine Guides to work on their own schedules, making it easy to do either on the side or as a career, while still having time for other work and family.

With Traveling Vineyard concerns about travel are a thing of the past. While you’re more than able to travel far and wide for wine parties, you can also make a significant portion of your sales online, meaning that you never have to leave the comfort of your own home unless you want to. In addition, there are options for a monthly subscription to customers, giving them a recurring selection of wines at an affordable price.

One of the biggest upsides of working with Traveling Vineyard is that it will cost you almost nothing to get started, and you can quickly earn back every penny and more. Aside from the basic starter kit, the only cost that goes to you is a monthly fee to host your sales website. By becoming a Wine Guide, you get access to promotional materials, training videos, and a vast network of other Wine Guides across the nation for no extra cost.


If you want a fun and fulfilling way to earn some money, and like the idea of being a Wine Guide, then Traveling Vineyard can offer you a proven and trusted method for gaining your financial freedom, and having the time to live your life how you want to.

What Is Traveling Vineyard’s Training Program Like?

Traveling Vineyard is a unique company that is known for coming up with such great ideas and providing ordinary people the chance to make so much money by selling their incredible wine. This brand is respectable in all kinds of ways. They strive to provide unique opportunities that can let you make money and have a side income that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to have.

What Is Traveling Vineyard’s Training Program Like?

When you join the company, you probably want to know how to sell and how to best promote the wine that the Traveling Vineyard offers their customers. The reason why it is so tough some days is because of the fact that you may not be a direct sales professional. You also may be new to talking to people with the intention of selling. The truth is that their training is very effective. There is an online portal known for being The Tasting Room. This online portal has videos, articles, and everything in between to help better prepare you to understand how the business operates and how to setup your very first wine tasting event. This event could be at your house or in a small venue nearby. The truth is that selling is all about understanding the marketing angles to go for, and the Traveling Vineyard has professional experts you can speak to.

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They love to help their newbie sellers by giving them expert sellers in a meeting and training program. You will meet with an expert seller to give you the lowdown on how you can succeed with the Traveling Vineyard. This person can also be your point of contact in case you do have questions down the road about this. Traveling Vineyard is known for providing incredible opportunities and training to ensure that everybody is gaining the knowledge they need in order to succeed. Traveling Vineyard is professional and wants to give every wine guide the guidance that they need to move forward.

Selling wine is quite easy in itself, but you do need to know what is going on in order to grow and succeed forward.

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A Look At Investing In Luxury Wines Through UKV PLC

Luxury wine investing is an investing strategy that is not well known. Despite not being very well known to the average investor, investing in luxury wine has been proven to be a very effective and low risk investment commodity. A study done on luxury wine investing shows that most luxury wines have steadily increased in value and offered above average returns to investors.

The logic behind fine wine investing is the following. Fine, vintage wines are produced in limited stocks. When they are just made, they already fetch a high price. When their stocks become depleted, the remaining few stocks of vintage wines naturally increase in value. This is simply due to supply and demand. Fewer of the vintage product available while demand stays the same or even increases means that the price of that stock of vintage wine will rise. As the price rises, investors can make a profit by reselling their original investment. This is how wine investing essentially works.

Luxury Wine Broker, UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a broker that is exclusively dedicated to investing in fine wines. You can purchase a wide assortment of luxury wines from UKV PLC. The wine broker will also buy any fine wines that you may already have for a fair market price depending on current market conditions.

The headquarters of UKV PLC is in Croydon, which is in on the outskirts of London. They also have an office in the actual city of London. UKV PLC has wine investing specialists who can help you formulate a wine investing plan as part of your portfolio. Wine investing consultants can be scheduled to come to your own home, an office location or a meeting can take place at company headquarters or its London office. You can browse the selection of wines available for sale through UKV PLC at