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Youtuber Wengie Hacks Away at Hair Hacks

Everyone at some point has woken up, looked in the mirror and thought that perhaps a beanie might be the only way to tame this mess. It comes with the territory of having long locks, with length it seems hassle also exponentially increases. But it doesn’t have to be this way, well not all the time at least.


Youtube sensation and everyone’s favorite life hack darling, Wengie, published her latest vlog tackling the most heinous of all problems, the bad hair day. Armed with ten easy to follow hair hacks designed with the lazy cat in mind, Wengie tackles and tames misbehaving hair and the problems that come with having beautiful long locks.


Presented in the only way Wengie knows how, with wonderful soundtracks, clever edits, and a more than enough style to be contained in one video, the Youtuber and fashionista offered a few words for the wise touching upon everyone’s daily struggles. Whether it be dry hair, disappearing bobby pins, or managing Pintrest-like hair without the hard work, Wengie came prepared to answer them all.


The one hack that held a special place near and dear to this writer was the perfect solution to disappearing bobby pins. Much like chapsticks, my keys, and that hat I really liked in 2014, bobby pins always disappear the minute they leave my hand. Thankfully Wengie found the end all for always keeping track of pins with legs. A quick repurpose of an old Tic-Tac container and voila instant pin case.