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Peter Briger Is Leading Fortress Investment Group Into The Next Frontier

When Peter Briger first joined Fortress Investment Group, he had just spent 15 years plying his trade at Goldman Sachs. This experience placed him in a privileged position to provide Fortress Investment Group with the guidance needed to make major strides going forward.He began working for Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Now, he is worth over $350 million and has become a co-chairman on their board of directors. Fortress Investment Group tapped Briger’s expertise as they looked to move away from its core business in the world of private equity.Fortress looked to Peter to assist them in the diversification process. Debt securities and real estate were his areas of expertise and this is where Fortress benefited most from his knowledge. Before coming to Fortress, he served as a co-founder for the special situations group at Goldman Sachs.

This group became very well known for regularly executing trades that were highly profitable and this placed him squarely on the radar of many interested observers.In fact, Peter Briger’s Goldman Sachs group provided such ample opportunity for growth that Mark McGoldrick, another group co-founder, was able to step away within 5 years. He reportedly walked away with $70 million in profit but these funds were actually considered paltry when compared to the returns that the Goldman Sachs group was able to provide. Their strategy was a simple one: find assets that were no longer being considered by providers of mainstream capital and wait for the markets to become more stable.From there, they would be flipped for a massive profit.

Once he joined Fortress Investment Group, Briger’s success continued. He continues to get the desired results for investors and they are more than happy to rely upon him to provide them with the guidance that they need.After joining the investment group back in 2002, he was able to steer them through the financial crisis that took place soon after and he is at least partially responsible for the results that the group is still able to provide to all interested parties.Briger also spends a great deal of his personal fortune on various philanthropic causes and one of his main areas of focus is disadvantaged children. He is a man who wears many hats and his history more than speaks for itself. As one of the visionaries who saw the potential in Bitcoin five years ago, his future is incredibly bright and investors will continue to take his insights with the utmost level of seriousness.